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Vital signs- Sunday February 28th, 2021

"Anyone who intends to come with me has to let me lead. You’re not in the driver’s seat—I am. Don’t run from suffering; embrace it. Follow me and I’ll show you how."

‭‭Luke‬ ‭9:23 MSG‬‬

Just when we think we've got a pretty good grasp on our inner self God introduces new frontiers. He shows us things that need healing, things that need to change. Why?

Because God is growing us up!

why it is that when Coaches push us and trainers stretch us in the gym that we're not surprised , Its because thats what we signed up for.

God is always inviting us to come with him. Stretching us to a soreness the we've never known.inviting us to more of him.

Ask God to grow you in new ways then embrace the blood sweat and tears. Don't run from the suffering. It will be worth it!

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