Vital signs- Thursday, July 23rd, 2020

Word of God-"Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. "Psalm 150:6, NIV

Message from God-

Praising Me diminishes your fears, and exalts My love and care for you.

Praise Me for the air in your lungs.

Praise Me for the food in your stomach.

Praise Me for the life in your body.

Praise Me for the peace in your heart.

Praise Me for security in your soul.

Praise Me for the wisdom in your mind.

When you praise Me, you invite Me into your situation. When you magnify Me, you invite My presence into your life. Praise and worship extinguishes fear and gives you the proper perspective of Me. When you praise Me, you focus on My love and goodness in spite of your personal challenges and open your heart to a more intimate connection with Me and experience My presence. I have won battle, and you. Celebrate with Me.

Prayer-Spirit of God, I praise You! You are my salvation, my provider, and my sustainer. I worship You and invite Your presence into my life right now.

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