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Vital Signs - Wednesday, November 6, 2019

They did not remember his power and how he rescued them from their enemies. They did not remember his miraculous signs in Egypt…” Psalm 78:42-43a

Here In Psalm 78, Asaph retells the history of the Jewish nation of deliverance to King David's reign. God's people struggled with listening and obeying commands. Their rebelliousness seemed to stem from the fact that they forgot about God, His character, His power, and His deeds.

We all tend to forget things. Whether it's our assignment on the court or in the classroom our the something our spouse ask us to pick up at the store on our way home, we all sometimes forget. But let's be reminded that when we forget something, there is always a consequence. And some consequences are greater than others.

Of all the things to forget may we avoid our forgetfulness with God. Instead let us REMEMBER that we must listen carefully and obey. It is VITAL that we daily Walk with and remind one another to seek “Him” first!

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