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Vital Signs - Wednesday, February 5, 2020

I know. This may seem intimidating and bring mixed feelings to your heart, but transparency and confession is, in fact, a healthy spiritual discipline. Confessing our sin means agreeing with God. It means being on the same page with Him. What He calls wrong, we call wrong; what He calls right, we also call right. The first thing we need to do is confess our sin before God, and then before the right people.

In the story of the prodigal son, it is evident that the father represents our Heavenly Father. The son had evidently made the wrong turn. The Father may have tried to point this out. He probably appealed to his reason, to his senses, to the principles He’d raised him by. However, the young man made a decision to live a lifestyle away from God. When he hit rock bottom and his heart was broken, the prodigal son admitted, maybe by the weight of his own actions, that he was wrong. He repented, that is, he changed his mind, and immediately after that, he uttered some beautiful words: “Father, I have sinned against heaven and against you.” He first admitted his sin against God, and then, against his own father.

Today, dedicate some time to have an honest conversation with God. I encourage you to admit where you have gone astray. Admit your part in any broken relationship. Once you’ve done this, find someone who is spiritually mature and whom you trust and open up this area of your life. Don’t fall into the lie of the enemy by believing you’ll manage this on your own.

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