Vital Signs - Tuesday, October 8, 2019

When you eat out at a restaurant, you get a little piece of paper as proof you received your food and the restaurant received your money. What’s it called? A receipt. When you realize the waiter refilled your lemonade six times without telling you refills aren’t free, what’s that? Deceit.

Receipt and deceit come from two important words in the Bible: receive and deceive.

A receipt is proof you got something. Deceit pulls everything into the dark.

Why focus on these two words? Because one of them describes our response to God, and the other describes the devil’s. Don’t miss this. We receive. The devil deceives.

The devil is a deceiver.

But, God can’t be deceived.

The devil wants so badly to keep you from receiving God’s love and God’s truth.

So, how do we fight deceit? By receiving God’s love and truth, the Gospel. He already paid the bill. You are about to read the paper-proof, the receipt, God’s Word. Because “he who the Son sets free, is free indeed.”

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