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Vital Signs - Tuesday, October 29, 2019

“When he arrived there he proved to be of great benefit.” Acts 18:27

Being a fan of the Atlanta Braves baseball team is no easy task right now. Its often a very frustrating relationship.

The problem is that they often end up trading the successful players that bring great benefit! No wonder they never win a World Series.

In the book of Acts we read about a man who is a part of the Christian team named Apollos. The Bible tells us that this guy is a great talent. He is smart, eloquent, and brings energy to all who hear him. But he isn’t quite fully developed so he willingly gets coached up under a couple of star mentors. After he works out with these mentors he arrives at a new place and proves to be a great benefit!

As Christians we all begin with some talent too, but we need development. Take a lesson here and learn from Apollos. Seek out some stud mentors to learn from and then get ready…because you will prove to be a great benefit.

Embrace the benefit !

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