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Vital Signs - Tuesday, April 28, 2020

During the war if 1812 General Andrew Jackson marched more than 2000 Tennessee Volunteers from Nashville to New Orleans.

Sickness proved to be their most dangerous and deadly enemy.

150 soldiers became gravely ill and 56 of them couldn't even stand .

When Dr Samuel Hogg ask the General what he wanted him to do with the sick ,Jackson Answered- "you are to leave not a man on the ground"

Jackson embodied the military motto " leave no man behind"

Jackson ordered officers to give up their horses for the sick while the officers and the General marched 531 miles on foot.

General Jackson said these words " I was born for the storm and the calm does not suit me"

A true man doesn't sit back, he steps up and steps in. He fights the good fight even when all seems lost. Why? Because a true fighter is born for the storm.

Acts2:17 says " you young men will see visions and your old men will dream dreams."

Our vision must remain clear!

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