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Vital Signs - Thursday, November 7, 2019

Theres a song called “One Pure and Holy Passion” by Candi Pearson. The song is a prayer asking God for a pure and holy passion. Passion and ambition are not bad, but if they are misplaced, they could destroy us. Our passion and ambition could sometimes lead to an obsession that leads us to sin. We sometimes rush to achieve our ambitions that we forget to stop, check our hearts, look to God, and say “Give me one pure and holy passion, give me one magnificent obsession, give me one glorious ambition for my life—to know and follow hard after You.” Mark 12:30 says it all.

What are your passions, obsessions and ambitions in life?

· Are you consumed by your passion that you lost your compassion?

Are there people that you might have hurt because you had been driven by your passion?

· Do your obsessions make you turn your eyes away from Jesus?

· Do your ambitions in life cause you to be greedy?

Your heart, soul and mind are God’s—let Him handle them.

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