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Vital Signs - Thursday, January 23, 2020

Vital signs

The Holy Spirit has no experience with being impatient, hateful, or rude. That’s the language of our flesh. The Fruit will be the byproduct of a life surrendered to the Spirit of God. But we are not called to focus on the Fruit; we are called to focus on God’s Spirit.

Seeking God and asking Him to help us grow in exhibiting His Fruit will challenge us because we are choosing to deny our flesh and feed our spirit instead.

Our flesh wants to get even, but the Spirit calls us to love and extend kindness.

Our flesh wants to entertain sinful thoughts, but the Spirit calls us to walk in self-control.Our flesh wants to dictate with moodiness, but the Spirit calls us to walk in joy and peace.

We must quit running from growth and thinking we can’t change. The change comes when we have the Holy Spirit propelling us forward as we walk in obedience to the Spirit.

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