Vital Signs - Sunday, December 29, 2019

Jesus points out to us that the Pharisees were very moral and law-abiding. Yet, Jesus said to them that the tax-collectors and the prostitutes will receive the kingdom of heaven before them. Their actions were upright but Jesus said that they were like whitewashed tombs (Matthew 22:27-28). In other words, they were clean on the outside but dead on the inside. What have you been told about religion? Perhaps you think it is simply about changing bad behavior. But it is not. It is about heart change.

As a Christian, your faith will show in your actions and choices. But do not get it backward. Moral actions do not create a faithful person. Moral, godly decisions come from a heart that only God can change when we surrender to Him. Morality always accompanies authentic faith but you can have a lot of morality without authentic faith.

Moral behavior can be limited to outward actions but real faith comes only with real heart change.

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