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Vital Signs - Monday, December 16, 2019

Vital signs

God loves to operate differently from the world’s perspective. He doesn’t honor people for the same reasons the world honors them. He values faithfulness over fame and humility over power. On the night of His greatest miracle, instead of revealing it first to kings or world leaders, God sent an angel to tell common shepherds. Luke 2:8 tells us that the shepherds were “living in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks.” It’s worth noting that these men were devoted workers, living next to their sheep and caring well for the things they’d been entrusted to steward. The shepherds were of low social status, but they were faithful people, and God chose them to be the first recipients of the greatest news in history. Then, they were at the front of the line to meet the Son of God in person!

Whatever God has assigned you to do today, do it with all your might. God sees your diligence and rewards those who faithfully complete the task in front of them.

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