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Vital Signs - Friday, December 20, 2019

Luke 2:25-32 tells the story of Simeon, a man who had received a promise from God that he would see the Messiah before he passed away. Simeon lived his whole life waiting for God to fulfill this promise, and he can teach us something about patience and perseverance. Scripture says Simeon was “righteous and devout . . . and the Holy Spirit was on him.” So much so, that he was moved by the Spirit to visit the temple courts, and it was in the temple courts where God’s promise came to fruition. He met Mary and Joseph and held Jesus in His arms. In that moment, waiting a lifetime for God’s promise was worth it.

Imagine the overwhelming experience of holding the physical representation of God’s faithfulness in your arms. Luke recorded that Simeon took Jesus in his arms “and praised God.” No other reaction would be as appropriate as praise!

Don’t lose heart if you’ve been holding on to a promise from God for what seems like forever. He is faithful, His timing is perfect.

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