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a children's book

(from Harley White, author)

"Go Ye Therefore, Little Phil," is a children's book about Little Phil and Little Keli fulfilling the command Jesus gave in Matthew 28:19.  It is set on a Sunday as the two go from church to playing with friends, and then to bed, telling them about Jesus Christ and helping them get saved and telling them to go tell even more people.​

This book is written by Harley White, and illustrated by Luna Stella D., as a dedication to a man who allows Christ to daily work through him and had inspired so many to go and tell the world, Phil Wade.  Many of his many funny Sunday morning quips can be found in the text as a tribute to Phil.  The story is based on Phil's vision of pointing the lost to a saving relationship with Jesus, and ​to disciple people to become disciple-makers.  This book is a gift to Phil for all his inspiration for others, for which the profits will go to missions for youth in Rome, Georgia.

This book is available in print, or can be purchased digitally from Apple iBooks or Amazon Kindle from your mobile or tablet device.  It can be purchased for $20.00 from Harley White's site, Apple iBooks, Amazon Kindle, or anywhere it is available.  The profits are being donated to Restoration Rome and Three Circles, which help foster kids and troubled kids.

Thank you, Phil and Keli, for being the friend you are, and for allowing Christ to shine through you onto others.



"Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost."


- Matthew 28:19, King James Version

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