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Vital signs- Wed, May 10th, 2023

“How can [anyone] stay on the path of purity? By living according to your word.” (Psalm 119:9 NIV).

Is it possible in the 21st century to live a sexually pure life? To refrain from sex before marriage and stay sexually faithful during marriage?

Yes! But it has to start with surrender.

The Bible says, “How can [anyone] stay on the path of purity? By living according to your word” (Psalm 119:9 NIV).

To be sexually pure in the 21st century (or any other century, for that matter), we will need a standard to live by. You can either build your standard by yourself or choose God’s standard. We must decide whether God knows more about our life than we do.

God says several things in his Word that aren’t popular — particularly regarding sex. Why does he say those things? He knows more about sex than we do. He also understands the implications far better than we do. We have to decide: “God, when I don’t understand it, when I don’t like it, and when it’s not popular, I will do what your Word says regardless of what I think or what my friends think.”

Until you’re willing to commit, we may as well close up our Bible and go back to bed. Without that surrender we're not ready to be pure in an impure world. We can only be pure by following God’s standards.

God thought up sex. It was his idea, but he put some parameters around it. His standard has never changed. It’s very clear regardless of opinion polls or anything else.

Sex is far more than physical. It’s a spiritual act with physical, social, legal, and emotional consequences. If sex were just physical, it’d be like a handshake. It wouldn’t matter who you had sex with. But sex is more than physical.

The Bible makes it clear that sex is exclusively reserved for a husband and a wife who are surrendered to one another in a marriage. Anything outside of that, like sex before marriage and sex outside of marriage, will have profound consequences on your emotions and spiritual life, and it may even physically harm you.

God’s standards are in our best interest. If we want to live by them — and avoid all the negative consequences of living outside of them — it starts with surrender.

Our job to seeing change in ourselves, and the world in which we live are a surrender to-

1- Read the word

2-See the word

3-Heed the word

4-Pray the will of God

(Repent and walk in the word.)

Nothing more nothing less( Easy preaching , sometimes tough living) but most possible through the power of the Holy Spirit, which lives inside of the believer.

Team Wade, love you and praying for you❤️

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