Vital signs- Thursday,November 5th, 2020

There is a documentary on Disney+ called 'free solo.' Its about a guy called Alex who free solos vertical rock formations. Basically, he rock climbs without rope and could fall to his death at any moment. In this documentary he is attempting to free solo the biggest rock formation in the world. No one has ever done this before because it is way too dangerous. There is a particular moment in the film when Alex is at the bottom of the rock, about to begin his climb and the camera pans up to show the rock and the magnitude of what he is about to do. It is overwhelming, scary and seems impossible. 

From time to time, we all face mountains in our lives. Whether it's study, work, family or friends, health - challenges, are inevitable. However, it has never been, and will never be about the size of the mountain. It will ALWAYS be about the size of our God.

There’s a guy in the Bible named David. I don’t know if you’ve heard of him, he’s kind of a big deal. David was delivering cheese to his brothers who were fighting on the front lines of a big battle! Now the Philistines had a giant warrior named Goliath on their side. This dude was massive and scary! David hears the giant yelling across the valley at the Israelites scaring and terrorising all of David’s friends and family. Most of us know what happens next... David grabs five small stones, puts one in his slingshot and miraculously takes down a giant. 

I wonder if you are facing a giant or a mountain that seems way too big to manage let alone move. I have some good news, there’s a God we serve who has enabled us to take down our giants and tell our mountains to fall into the sea. Our God brings hope into hopeless situations. He provides rest in tiring and restless times. He is our provider of all things and he can provide you with your breakthrough, if you’re willing to stand up to your giant!

“No weapon formed against you shall prosper, And every tongue which rises against you in judgment You shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, And their righteousness is from Me,” Says the LORD.”

‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭54:17‬ ‭NKJV‬‬


Dear Jesus, 

Thank You that You are always with me whenever I am facing a mountain. Help me show my friends/ family that no matter what they are facing in their lives and no matter how big the mountain may seem, that You are always bigger. Thank You that You are in control. 

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