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Vital Signs - Monday, November 4, 2019

“Listen to my voice in the morning Lord. Each morning I will bring my requests to you and wait expectantly.” Psalm 5:3

Are you one of those who hit the snooze button every morning? You know, you’re just soooo tired that you need a few more minutes of sleep? You choose to snooze. And when snooze button pushers’ act they almost always end up missing out on great morning opportunities.

When David penned Psalm 5:3 his simple plan was to begin his day with prayer. Praying is communing with God. It’s a big part of a relationship. And David brought his requests to God, which means the life issues on his heart and mind.

In addition David “waited expectantly” he knew a response was on its way.

Now, keep in mind that God is not a magic genie granting a “yes” to our every request…but He for sure wants us to trust Him enough to talk about it.

Choose not to snooze - Choose to Get up,Pray up and Look up because He is Worthy!

Rise and shine you God Warriors!

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