Vital signs- Monday, November 2nd, 2020

Have you ever found yourself in a place that you had nothing in you to help yourself? Knowing that unless God came through or friends dared to fast and pray for you that you were in trouble!

Its times like these when your true warrior friends are revealed.

Their love for you moves them into action.

In the bible, there is a passage that talks about four young men and their hunger to see Jesus. These four men were carrying a paralysed man, knowing that if Jesus could just see him, then he would be healed. The passage goes on and describes how the house Jesus was teaching in was completely full & overcrowded; everyone had gathered to simply get a glimpse of the Messiah. 

Nevertheless, the men were willing to cut a hole in the roof and lower the paralysed man down to Jesus. When Jesus saw the ‘FAITH’ of the four men, He immediately forgave and healed the man. 

The question today is: How far are you willing to carry your neighbor? These men in the story were moved by faith, hope and love. I wonder if we are going to be a generation of people who are moved the exact same way. Willing to pick up and carry the weight of our friends and family because we know there is power in the name of Jesus. If they are open to the love of God, surely He will show up and change their lives forever. Jesus has never left me behind and because of that I never want to leave anyone else behind. 


Lord, I am hungry for You! Thank You for never leaving me behind. Thank you for ever opportunity you give me to help 'carry' my family and friends. 


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