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Vital Signs - Monday, January 27, 2020

We are all slaves; The question is, to whom or to what? Everyone is willing to make sacrifices; The question is, to whom or for what? We all follow sets of rules; The question is, who’s and for What? We all give our hearts to something; The question is, to whom or to what? We were never hard wired to be free, if by “freedom” we mean an independent, self-sufficient life. We were created by God to be connected to someone bigger than ourselves.

So God in his Grace doesn’t set you free, because he knows you wouldn’t be free. You and I would quickly enslave ourselves again. And the sad reality is that it doesn’t take much to enslave us again to a person or thing that begins to function as our replacement Messiah. So what does Grace offer?

God’s grace is freeing us from our slavery of what is not true and cannot deliver. He is protecting us from seeking hope where hope will never be found. It really is true, obedience is a tool of his rescuing grace.

Read- Romans6:22

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