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Vital Signs - Friday, November 8, 2019

“If you have any word or encouragement for the people, come and give it.” Acts 13:15

I’ll never forget the day my dad looked me in the face and told me he loved me and was proud of me. I was 41 years old and those words were a game changer for me.

Some people define encouragement simply as “bringing courage.” This is really not hard to do. A simple spoken word, maybe a pat on the back or a text or even a fist pump can do this. Our verse above challenges us to bring encouragement. In my opinion, I think if the author (Luke) wrote this verse today, he might have said, “Bring it.”

It’s been years since i heard my father say these simple words to me but I can still hear them echo around my brain from time to time. And when they come I get a sweet sense of peace. Encouragement elevates, brings confidence, and is a source of strength…and it ripples! I not only hung onto those words that day, I still hang onto them today.

I dare you to “bring it” today!

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