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Vital Signs - Friday, November 29, 2019

There isn’t one person who can look back at their past without being reminded of some mistake they made along the way. Mistakes are a part of every story.

In the Gospels, we observe the story of Peter denying Jesus three times following Jesus’ arrest. And this is just hours before he said he would never deny Him [Matthew 26:31-35]. Imagine the angst and feelings of guilt and failure Peter must have felt. We know he left the courtyard and wept bitterly [Matthew 26:69-75].

To rise back up out of such deep places of regret and disappointment can feel insurmountable. And our mistakes can sometimes lead us to believe that God is angry or disappointed to the point of turning away from us. But our God is a God of love, always for us! Through grace and mercy He forgives, teaches, and restores us to Himself.

Jesus restored peter and He can restore you too.

Give Thanks!

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