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Vital Signs - Friday, February 21, 2020

Did you know that God acts on behalf of those who wait for Him?

In this hurry-up world, waiting for anything can cause us to lose our temper and our good sense more often than we care to admit. Yet the Word of God insists we learn some of life’s greatest lessons while we wait. Though waiting rooms can be hard classrooms, God promises vast reward to those who wait for Him.

When we wait on God …

He reveals His will to us and works all things together for our good and His glory (Rom. 8:28).

As God deepens our relationship with Him through times of waiting, He also increases our energy, faith, endurance, and strength (Isa. 40: 29-31).

When we do things our way in our time, we end up defeated. But when we wait on God and obey His commands, He ensures our victory (Prov. 20:22).

Though others may encourage us to forge ahead instead of waiting on the Lord, we must remember He’s the only One who can truly help us and who will never let us down (Is. 49:23).

We witness Him working on our behalf.

While we actively wait, God actively works (Is. 64:4). Every single day, we have the greatest Mediator working on our behalf. And even when things seem to go wrong, He’s making sure that everything works according to His purpose.

When we choose to wait on Him, God will use the long pauses in our lives for our blessing—both large and unexpected—if we let Him.

Waiting on God is not wasted time!

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