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Vital Signs - Friday, December 6, 2019

Psalm 72 begins with King David praying for his son, Solomon, to become a great king for the nation of Israel. As the psalm continues, David begins dreaming of the perfect King, prophesying what would be true of the reign of Jesus. Over 950 years before the birth of Jesus, David saw the endless rule of the King of Kings. This King would be known for His compassion and His rescue of the needy and distraught. He would defeat oppression and violence, and it would be obvious that His people were precious to Him. For these reasons, David declared that all kings would bow down to Him and all nations would serve Him.

In addition to being the moment the Savior came into the world, Christmas marked the beginning of the legacy of eternity's greatest King. Jesus will continue to reign long after the kings and kingdoms of this world pass away, and we will get to live under the covering of His perfect love forever.

O what a gift - O what a Saviour!

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